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Simple to fly...

Take Off 

To take off you first spread the parachute on the ground behind the vehicle.  Get in the machine, fasten your harness, start your engine, and increase your throttle until you begin to roll forward. The chute will inflate and “kite” above you. It then becomes your wing.

Once your wing is fully inflated, you begin to add more throttle.

As you add more throttle, the machine speed increases until enough lift is created and you’re off of the ground and flying.


To land, find your field, line up into the wind and then reduce the throttle to start your descent.


As you get closer to the ground you adjust the throttle to maintain a gentle descent.

After the machine touches down you reduce the  throttle to idle, shut down the engine and collapse the canopy. Congratulations your flight is complete It’s just that simple.

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