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See "Past Events/Photos" for literally 100s of photos.

"My Paraplane Solo Certificate 1989." "My Buckeye Solo Certificate." "ASC BFI Certificate"

Hop and I
"Hop's Hangar and Runways."
Hop's Flight Park
"My Pal Hop"
Hop as Air Traffic Controller

Hop & I discussing the events at the 2003 ASC Nationals.

Hop, Maryln, & Me
"The Three Amigos"

May 1989

July 1995

August 2006

July 2011

October 2012
September 2013

Old ParaPlane Crew
"The birthplace on the infamous nickname Treetop." Click to enlarge for details.
Birth of the infamous nickname Treetop.
Jenny's "First Flight: finally! Jessica to hopefully go up soon. She likes this purple Buckeye
My son Jonathan & his wife Brooke. Me, my Best Friend Jon and Best Pal Hop.

Hop, Maryln & Me 2007
Three Amigos

Me and my pal Larry flying formation.

Coordinated Landing

Three Stooges
Click to Enlarge.
Restoration October 2, 2010 - November 06, 2010
See the whole Restoration in photos.

The beginning...the recovery.( video).


One proud pilot!

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